Effective field goal percentage

This stat measures a team’s ability to shoot 2-point and 3-point shots.

A team’s field goal percentage is calculated by the number of shots made divided by the number of shots attempted. This includes both 2-point and 3-point shots.

FG% = FGM/FGA * 100

For example, Virginia defeated Syracuse during the 2018-19 regular season by a score of 79-53. The Cavaliers made 28 shots and attempted 51 total shots.

Virginia’s field goal percentage was 54.9%.

FG% = 28/51 = 0.549 * 100

Effective field goal percentage takes into account that a 3-point field goal is worth more than a 2-point field goal.

eFG% = (.5 * 3FGM + FGM) / FGA * 100

Virginia made 18 3-point shots and attempted 25 in the game. 18 of their 28 made shots were worth 3 points. And 26 of their 51 shot attempts were 3-pointers.

Virginia’s eFG% was 72.5% for the game.

(eFG% = (.5 * 18 + 28) / 51 = 0.7255 * 100)

Why this statistic is important

Effective field goal percentage indicates how easily a team scores most of its points. A higher percentage shows a team is efficient at shooting and likely has a chance to win many games.

A team’s ability to defend or lower their opponent’s eFG% is equally important. If a team can hold their opponent to a lower eFG%, the better chance it has to win.