Blocks and Steals

A player’s defensive ability can be measured using blocks and steals.

  1. Block Percentage (%Blocks)
  2. Steal Percentage (%Stls)

Block Percentage

Block percentage is the percentage of opponents’ 2-point shots that are blocked by an individual player while he’s on the floor.

%Blocks = Total Player's Blocks / (%Min * Opponents' 2-point attempts)

For example, Jeff Otchere of Stony Brook posted a 16.25 block percentage in the 2018-2019 season. A block percentage of 16.25 percent was good for 1st in the country.

Otchere had 78 blocks playing in 44.7% of Stony Brook’s minutes. Stony Brook’s opponents attempted 1889 2-point field goals.

Anything over 8 percent is above average according to KenPom.

Steal Percentage

Steal percentage is the percentage of possessions that a player registers a steal while he’s on the court.

%Stls = 100 * Steals / (%Min * Team Possessions)

For example, Washington’s Matisse Thybulle recorded a 6.70 steal percentage. This was 1st amongst all players in the 2018-2019 season.

Thybulle posted 126 steals playing in 77.4 percent of his team’s minutes. Washington had about 2437 team defensive possessions.