Minutes Played

Minutes played measures how often a player is on the floor per game. This stat doesn’t factor in overtime games, so it can be a bit misleading.

KenPom uses a percentage of possible minutes played to account for overtime periods.

(%Min) = Minutes played / Possible Amount of Minutes

In the 2018-2019 season, Ky Bowman of Boston College played in 96.8% of all minutes. This was good for 1st in the country.

Battle played 1220 total minutes of a possible 1260 minutes.

%Min = 1200 / 1220 = 0.9683 x 100

How does this compare to minutes per game?

Boston College played in 31 games in 2018-2019. Bowman played a total of 39.4 minutes per game.

96.8% of 40 minutes is roughly 38.7 minutes per game.

Why is the percentage of minutes slightly higher?

Because Boston College played 4 overtime games. These games added 20 minutes to the possible minutes Bowman could have played.

What about injuries?

This stat doesn’t factor in injuries. It’s impossible to predict and measure an injury. The total number of games played by the individual can give a better idea of how those minutes are spread out.

Possessions Used

When a player is on the court, how involved is the player on the offensive end of the court?

The answer is a player’s percentage of possessions used (%Poss). It’s calculated by giving credit or blame to a player when their actions end a possession.

A few different ways a possession can end:

  • making a shot (credit)
  • missing a shot, rebounded by defense (blame)
  • committing a turnover (blame)

(%Poss) = Possessions Ended / Total Possessions

Following the same example, Bowman was used on 26.7% of Boston College possessions in the 2018-2019 season.