Books and Blogs

Checkout a series of written resources on basketball analytics. And if you have a good resource not listed below, please send it my way.

Basketball on Paper

This book is viewed as the Moneyball for Basketball. Written by Dean Oliver, Basketball on Paper, shares insights that help you think about basketball differently.

It presents information and lets you draw your own conclusions about how individual players and teams perform.

KenPom Blog

The blog is a treasure trove of information and insights. This post of plus/minus values is a good example of what you can find on the blog.

TeamRankings has tons of statistical information and focuses on in-season predictions. 91% of their customers won a prize in their bracket pool in 2017, here is a good example of what you can find on the blog.

Basketball Prospectus

Basketball Prospectus was ESPN Insider before it existed. All its writers transitioned to ESPN in 2013.

The site has tons of archives of useful posts, and John Gasaway used to publish books with previews of the coming year. The last one was published in 2012.

Sports Reference: College Basketball

Sports Reference is full of stats and history. If you need to find how many free throws Corliss Williamson made in the 1994-1995 season, use this site. The glossary is also handy.

The Journal of Basketball Studies

The Journal of Basketball Studies is an archive of research and articles from Dean Oliver. The site isn’t active any longer. It still contains tons of solid information, including the Methods section how calculating specific stats.