Below are a few well-respected people who write about college basketball analytics.

This list isn’t exhaustive. If you have someone worth following with interesting insights about advanced stats, please send me a suggestion and I’ll add it to this list.

Ken Pomeroy

The inspiration for this site. Read and subscribe to Follow @kenpomeroy too.

Dean Oliver

Dean Oliver wrote Basketball on Paper, founded several advanced statistics, and has worked in the front office for multiple NBA teams.

He’s worth a follow @deano_lytics.

John Gasaway

John Gasaway covers college basketball for ESPN Insider. He writes about on his own site too, and can be followed @johngasaway.

Jordan Sperber

Jordan Sperber has worked for collegiate teams, runs, distributes a coaching analytics newsletter, runs a podcast, and YouTube channel. Follow him @hoopvision68.

Bart Torvik

Bart Torvik runs his own analysis at You can find him on Twitter, and he shares several useful tools to compare teams all the way back from 2008.

Ryan Campbell

Ryan Campbell shares lots of graphics and data visualizations @5th_Factor. Fifth Factor Plots is a must follow if you’re looking for accurate analysis of college hoops.

Adrian Atkinson

Adrian Atkinson is a data scientist and in his free time, he analyzes college hoops. He’s contributed to tons of places, including ESPN, and you can follow him on Twitter @FreeportKid.