Podcast Interviews

If you like consuming information about basketball analytics in a different way, you might find these recent interviews interesting.

If there is a video or podcast or interview not on this list and you think it would be helpful, please let me know.

Solving Basketball Podcast

Jordan Sperber chats with Ken Pomeroy on the first episode of his podcast. Jordan has a unique perspective working with coaches and teams closely over the last few years. New episodes are released Monday, and Jordan frequently shares dynamite videos on his YouTube channel.

Screen the Screener Podcast

Gus Kearns and Mike Randle cover all things college basketball on the Screen the Screener podcast. The podcast includes a good amount statistical analysis that can help you understand advanced metrics better.

Bet the Process Podcast

Ken Pomeroy is featured on the Bet the Process Podcast a couple times during March 2018. Listen to the first instance, episode 27 here.

The Numbers Game

Dean Oliver joins this episode (Dec. 2, 2015) of the The Numbers Game podcast around the 19 minute mark.