Stats Glossary

Miscellaneous stats

FG: Field goals

FGA: Field goal attempts (2 or 3-point shots)

FGM: Field goal makes (2 or 3-point made shots)

TO: Turnovers

FTA: Free throw attempts

FTM: Free throw makes

OR: Offensive rebound

DR: Defensive rebound

3PA: 3-point shot attempts

3PM: 3-point shot makes

2PA: 2-point shot attempts

2PM: 2-point shot makes

Team rebound: A rebound that doesn’t fall into the possession of an individual player.

Four Factors

eFG%: effective field goal percentage

eFG% = (.5 * 3FGM + FGM) / FGA * 100

TO%: turnover percentage

TO% = TO / Possessions

OR%: team offensive rebounding percentage

OR% = Offensive Rebounds / (Offensive Rebounds + Opponent's Defensive Rebounds)

FTRate: Free throw rate

FTRate = FTA / FGA


Possessions: how a team or player gains control of the ball

Possessions = FGA - OR + TO + (.475 * FTA)

OE: offensive efficiency

OE = (Points scored * 100) / Possessions

DE: defensive efficiency

DE = (Points allowed * 100) / Possessions

Adjusted efficiency margin (AdjEM): the number of points a team would be expected to outscore the average Division-I team over 100 possessions without adjusting for location of the game

AjdEM = OE - DE

Tempo/Pace: number of possessions a team uses in a game

AdjT: adjusted tempo or the pace each team wants to play

AdjT = Avg. Possessions adjusted by % increase/decrease of actual possessions

AdjO: adjusted offensive efficiency for competition

AdjD: adjusted defensive efficiency for competition

APL: Average possession length

APL = a team's seconds on offense and defense

Luck: compares a team’s record to what they deserved based on their game-by-game efficiency

Luck = NORM (AdjO - AdjD) / SD(Rating Difference)

AdjEM of SOS: overall strength of schedule of a team or difference between the average of its opponents’ offensive and defensive efficiencies

AdjEM of SOS = AdjO - AdjD

Tier A: a game against a top-50 opponent adjusted for location of the game

Tier B: a game against a top-100 opponent adjusted for location of the game

Player Stats

%Min: a player’s minutes played

(%Min) = Minutes played / Possible Amount of Minutes

%Poss: a player’s possessions used

(%Poss) = Possessions Ended / Total Possessions

ORtg: number of points produced by a player per hundred total individual possessions

ORtg = (Points Produced / Total Possessions) x 100

%Shots: percentage of team’s shots taken by a player

%Shots = Player's FGA / (%Min * TeamFGA)

TS%: true shooting percentage

TS% = Points scored / ( 2* (FGA + 0.475 * FTA) )

OR%: offensive rebounding percentage of a player

OR% = PlayerOR / [%Min * (Team OR + Opp. DR)]

DR%: defensive rebounding percentage of a player

DR% = PlayerOR / [%Min * (Team DR + Opp. OR)]

ARate: assist rate of a player

ARate = 100 * AST / (((MP / (Team's MP / 5)) * Team's FG) - FG)

TORate: turnover rate of a player or percentage of a player’s possessions used on turnovers

%Blocks: a player’s block percentage

%Blocks = Total Player's Blocks / (%Min * Opponents' 2-point attempts)

%Stls: a player’s steal percentage

%Stls = 100 * Steals / (%Min * Team Possessions)

FTRate: a player’s free throw attempts divided by its field goal attempts

FTRate = 100 * FTA / FGA

FC/40: amount of fouls a player commits per 40 minutes

FC/40 = (Fouls committed / MP) * 40

FD/40: amount of fouls a player draws per 40 minutes

Team Stats

3P%: a team’s/opp.’s 3-point field goal percentage

3P% = 3PM / 3PA * 100

2P%: a team’s/opp.’s 2-point field goal percentage

2P% = 2PM / 2PA * 100

FT%: a team’s/opp.’s free throw percentage

FT% = FTM / FTA * 100

Blk%: a team’s/opp.’s block percentage

Blk% = Opp. blocks / 2PA * 100

St%: a team’s/opp.’s steal percentage

Stls% = Opp. steals / Offensive Possessions

A%: a team’s/opp.’s assist percentage

A% = Total team assists / FGM * 100

3PA%: a team’s/opp.’s 3-point attempt percentage

3PA% = 3PA / FGA * 100

FT (point distribution): percentage of points from made free throws

FT = FTM / TP * 100

2P (point distribution): percentage of points from made 2-point shots

2P = 2P / TP * 100

3P (point distribution): percentage of points from made 3-point shots

3P = 3P / TP * 100

Personnel Stats

Height: total height of a team weighted by minutes played

Bench Minutes: the number of minutes a team’s bench plays

Continuity: minutes played season-to-season

Experience: year in school weighted by minutes played

Defensive Fingerprint: identifies the style of a team’s defense

2-Foul Participation: percentage of time a starter with 2 fouls plays in the first half