Team Offense

A team's offense can be checked across 7 different stats:

  1. 3P%: a team's 3-point field goal percentage
  2. 2P%: a team's 2-point field goal percentage
  3. FT%: a team's free throw percentage
  4. Blk%: a team's block percentage
  5. St%: a team's steal percentage
  6. A%: a team's assist percentage
  7. 3PA%: a team's 3-point attempt percentage


A team's offensive 3-point field goal percentage is its made 3-point shots divided by its attempted 3-point shots.

3P% = 3PM / 3PA * 100

Marquette led the country in 3P% with a 42.9% clip in 2016-2017.

The Golden Eagles attempted 783 3-point shots and made 336 of them.

3P% = 336 / 783 * 100 = 42.91%

In comparison, UTSA ranked dead last in 3P% in 2016-2017, shooting 26.7% from behind the 3-point line.


A team's offensive 2-point field goal percentage is its 2-point makes divided by its 2-point attempts.

2P% = 2PM / 2PA * 100

Belmont posted a 2P% of 60.9%. That ranked 1st amongst all Division-I teams.

The Bruins made 492 of 808 2-point shot attempts.

2P% = 492 / 808 * 100 = 60.89

In comparison, St. Francis NY shot 40.1% from 2-point land, that was dead last amongst all teams in 2016-2017.


A team's offensive free throw percentage is its free throw makes divided by its free throw attempts.

FT% = FTM / FTA * 100

Notre Dame made 489 free throws out of 611 attempts in 2016-2017. At 80%, the Irish ranked 1st in the country.

FT% = 489 / 611 * 100 = 80.0

And in comparison, Northern Colorado shot 59.4% from the free throw line. This was rated last amongst all Division-I teams in 2016-2017.


A team's offensive block percentage is its opponents total blocked shots divided by the team's 2-point field goal attempts.

Blk% = Opp. blocks / 2PA * 100

UCLA only had 4.4% of its shots blocked by opponents in 2016-2017. This was good for 1st in the nation.

The Bruins attempted 1448 2-point shots and opponents blocked 64 of those attempts.

Blk = 64 / 1448 * 100 = 4.42%

Savannah State had 16.0% of its shots blocked in 2016-2017. That clip ranks last (351st) in the country.


A team's offensive steal percentage is its opponents number of steals divided by the team's offensive possessions.

Stls% = Opp. steals / Offensive Possessions

Cincinnati's percentage was 5.5% in 2016-2017. This means only 5.5% of the Bearcats' offensive possessions ended with their opponent stealing the ball. It was good for 1st in the country.

The Bearcats had about 2,369 offensive possessions and their opponents recorded 130 steals.

Stls% = 130 / 2477 * 100 = 5.5

In comparison, Oregon State registered an offensive steals percentage of 12.1%. This means 12.1% of Oregon State's offensive possessions ended with their opponent stealing the ball. The 12.1% clip was 327th in the country.


A team's offensive assist percentage is its total amount of assists divided by its made field goals. This includes both 3-point and 2-point makes.

A% = Total team assists / FGM * 100

Purdue posted a 65.4% assist rate in the 2016-2017 season, good for 2nd in the nation. The Boilermakers had 595 assists on 879 made baskets.

A% = 640 / 980 * 100 = 65.4

Austin Peay only posted 39.5% assist percentage in the same season. This ranked last amongst all Division-I teams.


A team's offensive 3-point attempt percentage is the percentage of 3-point shots it attempts divided by its total shot attempts. It answers the question, does this team shoot a lot of 3-point shots?

3PA% = 3PA / FGA * 100

In 2016-2017, Vanderbilt ranked 6th all Division-I teams with 48.6% of shots coming from behind the 3-point line.

Vanderbilt attempted 921 3-pointers out of 1896 total shot attempts.

3PA% = 921 / 1896 * 100 = 48.86

In contrast, Georgia Tech attempted only 24.6% of its shots behind the 3-point line. That's percentage was 349th in the country.

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